Recruitment of personnel for IT startups around the world

We will assemble a team from scratch without unnecessary costs and set up HR processes
Guarantees the search for the strongest, not the most expensive candidate

What we will help you with

  • 1
    We will find an employee within Russia
    We will find the right turnkey IT specialist in 14 days. Our database has more than 170 thousand resumes
  • 2
    And on the international market too
    We are closing vacancies in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. We know the specifics of the selection of the international market
  • 3
    As well as part-time staff for any tasks
    Don't need a full-time employee? We will find the performer quickly and efficiently
  • 4
    We will set up HR processes within the company
    For more than 5 years we have been building HR departments from scratch. As a bonus to hiring, we help clients build a hiring function for free
  • 5
    Let's create an image of an attractive employer
    If little is known about you, then we will help strengthen the HR brand and form an attractive offer for candidates
  • 6
    And we will help with the adaptation of a new employee
    After joining the company, the recruiter helps with adaptation and supports the morale of the employee
We select talents for our clients in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our clients are Russian startups and international IT startups, graduates of Y Combinator.
We are able to search even in the most remote countries of the world.
5500+ successfully closed vacancies
Our recruitment tools
selection of programmers for any stack, we work without prepayment, the average closing time of vacancies is 14-18 days
Access to 50+ job sites
Recommendations and access to closed professional communities
Personal database of resumes of IT specialists 170 000 +
Sourcing aggregators: AmazingHiring, Recruitment, etc.
Landing page for vacancies, video vacancies, email newsletters
Contextual, targeted, media advertising
Do you want to find a talented employee?
Leave a request and receive as a gift a list of questions for collecting recommendations for a candidate