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Full recruitment cycle
In Recruiting there is such a thing as a "full recruitment cycle". To simplify, this is the hiring process from the application to the exit of the employee, where the Recruiter leads the candidate by the hand!
We would like to tell you about how the process of recruiting programmers and digital talents is going on in IT and Digital. What happens at each stage and why is it important.
Our stages:
1 Application
2 Briefing and contract
3 Commissioning
4 Interview with the client
5 Offer and exit
6 Payment
1. Application for selection
In order to get started, we identify the need of the client. For without a normal TK and the result ... you know what!
The client fills out an application, where all the points about the company and the vacancy are specified in detail. This will make it possible to immediately select target candidates and "sell" the vacancy to a future employee, giving him the proper motivation to work in the company.
Based on the information received, we study the company and the vacancy, analyze the labor market in order to understand the adequacy of the balance of requirements and conditions, prepare questions for further detailed briefing and search for IT specialists. This takes up to 24 hours.

2. Detailed brief
После заявки и устного согласования условий работы, заключается договор.
Чтобы расставить все точки над "И" и познакомиться лучше, мы созваниваемся / встречаемся в офисе и разбираем каждый пункт из заявки (о том, что входит в заявку и как она заполняется, можно узнать в нашей статье здесь)
Форма заявки имеет 5 основных блоков: о компании, о вакансии, соц характеристики, проф навыки, обязанности и условия.
3. Launching a job
This is where our inner kitchen begins! What happens before the candidate gets to the client? Let's reveal a little the veil of secrecy, but only a little bit;)
Choosing a Recruiter
In our agency, Recruiters are divided into areas (IT, Digital, commerce/projects, design/creativity), this allows you to close vacancies as quickly as possible and minimize unnecessary clarifications on the client's professional competencies. Since everyone has already perfected their search skills, they easily navigate in this area and have already formed a database of ready-made candidates + knowledge of competitors, from where you can lure specialists!

Putting a vacancy into work (preparation)
When a recruiter is chosen, the vacancy is transferred (thanks to the detailed briefing!) The recruiter takes up to 4 hours to study the project. Next, a pool of clarifying questions, a candidate profile for evaluation, an active and passive search strategy are compiled.

Active search
- looking for pens , working through all resources (database, job sites, social networks, special forums, chats, recommendations, competitor sites, etc.) etc.)
Search, evaluation, presentation
A selection of resumes per day for one vacancy is approximately 10-25 pieces, the recruiter works through all the sources and forms a pool of candidates. 80% of the sample are resumes hidden from the eyes of the employer, people who are not actively searching, but with high professional competencies, so we write and call a lot a day! When the candidate is interested, we conduct a detailed interview to assess personal, professional and corporate competencies (60 min.)

Our goal is to find such an employee who will correspond to the client's corporate culture, value system and be a professional!

Next comes the packaging of the candidate: we provide the results of the interview (we describe in detail the motivation, personal and professional competencies), attach a resume, portfolio and all the required answers to professional questions and send it to the client
Candidates already know about the company, vacancy, working conditions and are interested in the offer!

Feedback from the client! Pledge of successful hiring by 50%
We lay no more than two days for consideration and response!
Extended feedback is very important, especially with the first candidates. A reasoned "no" or "yes" will allow you to better understand in which direction to move and who is required. If the client is ready to meet with the candidate, then we will agree on a convenient time and date for the meeting, and bring the candidate to the office or Skype interview, providing all the necessary contacts and directions! You just meet and appreciate.
4. Interview in the company
After the meeting, we request feedback from the candidate on the results of the interview and wait for a response on the person in the period up to two days or earlier from the client.

If the candidate has arranged everything and is ready to take, then the next step is to prepare a job offer. If the company does not have a job offer form, then we prepare all the documents ourselves and agree with the client, after which we send the candidate a job offer with a copy to all interested parties and wait for a response.

5. Offer and exit
If the candidate takes a break, then we do not stop the search and continue to interview people until the decision and exit of the employee to the company.
6. Payment for services
Before leaving, all necessary documents are prepared in accordance with the contract and terms of payment for the hired candidate. We work without prepayments.

7. Adaptation of the employee
During the trial period, our recruitment agency of it specialists always keeps in touch with the candidate. We personally call each other, learn about his impressions in the first and subsequent working days. If something goes wrong, we immediately report the information to the client.

If the candidate does not pass the IS, then we provide a free replacement for a similar position. We are for quality recruitment.
"If work doesn't develop you, it's not work - it's slavery!"
These are the stages employees go through from the application for recruitment to the exit! Our recruiting department is always open to dialogue and we try to speed up the recruitment process, if the client has wishes, then we turn them into reality.

Our resume database grows with each new vacancy, and the professionalism of recruiters is honed with each new employee. It is a great pleasure to build a team from scratch for IT startups. At times, tasks seem unrealistic, but we know how to solve them and it becomes easy to find an employee! it-hiring is our love)
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